Legally Informed: A Primer on the LLB Curriculum

All About LLB Curriculum

The LLB course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge about the legal aspects involved in various sectors of the country. It teaches individuals about common facets of law such as the Indian Constitution, legal agreements, legal amendments etc.

LLB is offered as a standalone degree for a duration of 3 years and it can also be completed as an integrated course in 5 years. Under 3-Year LLB, there are 6 semesters covered and 5-Year LLB courses include a 10-semester curriculum.

Through the LLB curriculum, students get theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience and field exposure by completing internships, articleships and various legal capstone projects.

 LLB Syllabus & Subjects

The LLB curriculum is vast and included various subjects catering to different aspects of legal studies.  Under the 3-Year LLB course, one gets to study law-related subjects like Indian Constitution, Administrative Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Method etc.

The 5-Year or Integrated LLB courses allow candidates to get a dual degree of LLB along with another course of their preference. The curriculum of these courses is designed in such a way that students can complete a UG and LLB degree while also saving 1-2 years. Some of the integrated LLB courses are BA LLB, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB, BSc LLB etc.

 LLB Curriculum

 3-Year LLB Curriculum

The 3-Year LLB core subjects include Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Law of Evidence, Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing, Indian Constitution, Professional Ethics, Legal Language etc. These subjects are consistent in every LLB and integrated LLB degree.

The 3-year LLB curriculum is spread over  6 semesters. Some of the topics taught include:

Family LawJuvenile Justice Act
Law of ContractPractical Training & Internship
Law of CrimesLimitation Act
Constitutional LawProfessional Ethics, Bar Bench Relations and Accountancy for Lawyers
Law of EvidenceCode of Criminal Procedure, and Probation Offenders Act
Legal LanguageDrafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

 5-Year LLB Curriculum

 BA LLB Curriculum

BA LLB is a professional integrated course encompassing an interdisciplinary study of law & legislature under the Arts stream. Some common subjects taught under it include:

Political ScienceHistory
Law of ContractLabour Law
Administrative LawConflict Law
JurisprudenceCompany Law
Public International LawIntellectual Property Rights Law
Law of EvidenceCode of Civil Procedure
Drafting, Pleading & ConveyancingEnvironmental Law

 B.Com LLB Curriculum

B.Com LLB Is a professional law programme in the Commerce stream in which students are taught about both commerce and law subjects. It is a great career choice for those who have an interest in finance and law both. Some of the important topics taught include:

Business StatisticsBusiness Communication
Financial AccountingLaw of Contract
Law of CrimesCompany Law
Law of EvidenceBusiness Law
Law of TortsCorporate Law
Research MethodologyCorporate Accounting

 BSc LLB Curriculum

BSc LLB is an integrated course offered for 5 years under the Science stream. Some of the essential subjects taught include:

Legal MethodLegal Language
Law of ContractsBiotechnology
Human Rights LawLaw of Torts
International Trade LawProgramming Fundamentals
Internet & Multimedia ToolsDrafting and Pleading
Cyber LawSecurity Law

 BBA LLB Curriculum

BBA LLB is a professional integrated law course which offers a dual degree in management studies and legislative law. Some of the crucial topics taught in BBA LLB include:

Consumer Protection LawIntellectual Property Rights
Principles of ManagementHuman Rights
AccountingCivil Procedure Code
Law of TortsInternational Finance
Property LawGeneral Agreement on Tariff & Code
Organisational BehaviorPublic International Law

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