Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Pod Vape for Longevity

Traditional smoking has been replaced by vaping that offers a customizable experience giving enjoyment to many individuals. When you use vape for pleasure to have a good time, there is a need to store the e-juice or the battery carefully to increase its longevity. The pod system vape holds a coil and e-liquid as one unit to give a memorable experience every time. The coils are irreplaceable and are pre-filled with juice to give you an exquisite experience. A longer pod life is ensured when you avoid heat, sunlight or even refrigeration. This contributes to the high quality of the juice and the effective maintenance of the device. Let us look at some of the tips and tricks which are required to maintain the pod vape and bring longevity to it:

Conditions of Storage: One of the most important features contributing to the long life of the vape pod is maintaining its storage in appropriate condition. If the pods are kept properly, they can survive for a long time and give you ultimate indulgence. The pod must be protected from extreme heat conditions and sunlight. Besides, there is no need to refrigerate the pod. Thus, you must save the device and the pod from severe weather conditions. 

Keeping The Device Clean: One of the vital features to ensure a long life for your device is to keep it clean. It is one of the crucial parts of device management so that the residual liquid is removed. This build-up can dilute the flavors and ring in cross-contamination. The taste and intensity can be affected. To maintain the flavors intact, time-to-time cleaning of the device is required.

Cleaning the Coils: Another important aspect is cleaning the coils so that there is proper flavor and essence at all times. If the coiled gets burnt or dirty, the vapor production can be affected. You can clean the coil by removing the tank from the device to disassemble and retrieve the coil. Once the coil has dried, reinstall it by reassembling the device. 

Battery Maintenance: The powerhouse of the device for vape is the battery, which also needs maintenance and cleaning to give optimum performance. To clean the battery, disconnect the device and clean it using a dry cloth to clean the grit and dirt stuck on it. Further, the connectivity must be checked thoroughly to ensure proper conductivity. Since the battery is the main source of power and energy for the device, it is important to maintain its life. 

Handling Tips: The pod system must be handled carefully to avoid gathering any dust or dirt around it. Besides, the coil may get burnt or exposed to heat and sunlight or handled roughly which can damage its internal components. You can use protective cases or covers like a sleeve to carry the pod or device easily.


If the device has to be maintained for long, remove the battery while storing it. This will prevent any leakages or malfunctioning of the pod. You should also not store the device near anything with a magnetic field, to avoid interference with the performance of the vape. The vape pod can have an extended life if proper maintenance is done, along with ensuring that the device is handled with care. With a multitude of alternatives like RELX Infinity 2, RELX Pod Pro2, Elfbar etc., there is a need to know the basics of maintaining the pod and its battery in an effective manner. This will prolong its life and give you the best of the flavors and delight every time you use it. So, go on and look after the device for the best results for a long time.

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