What Is the Structure of the Executive Online MBA Program?

The executive online MBA empowers working professionals with global management skills and leadership capabilities. It is a comprehensive program, providing students with practical tools and strategies to excel in their current roles and advance their careers.

Executive online MBA programs allow you to continue working while pursuing your degree. Here is the core curriculum structure of the executive MBA program:

Core Curriculum 

The core curriculum of an executive online MBA program includes courses that provide a strong foundation in business fundamentals and leadership skills.

These courses are designed to equip students with the right skills to be successful in a business landscape. Some standard core courses you can expect to take include: 


This course provides students with an understanding of basic accounting principles and financial statements, allowing them to analyze and interpret financial data. It also covers debits and credits, revenue and expenses, managerial accounting, and financial statement analysis.

Working with ratios requires the student to take accounting courses to understand better, analyze, and make informed decisions based on financial data. 

Markets and Economies

The unit focuses on the global business environment and how it influences markets and economies. Students will learn about economic fluctuations, demand and supply, competition, and market structure.

They will also better understand how government policies and regulations impact the economy and businesses. The international trade unit provides students with insights into global markets and how to navigate cross-border transactions. 

Supply Chain and Operations Management 

This course delves into managing resources and transforming them into goods and services. It covers forecasting, funder mental, project management, inventory management, and supply chain design. Students learn how to optimize operations to increase efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining high-quality products or services.


The specialization courses in the business administration program allow students to dive deeper into specific areas of interest and expertise.

These courses provide a more focused and advanced understanding of essential aspects of the business world. Some common specializations include:

Advanced Corporate-Level Strategy Specialization

Learning how to develop and implement effective corporate-level strategies enables students to make decisions that drive a business’s success. This specialization delves into vertical integration, diversification, and mergers and acquisitions.

The executive online MBA prepares students to handle complex business challenges, develop strategic plans, and lead organizations toward growth and profitability.

Advanced Finance Specialization

Mastering finance concepts allows students to understand the financial aspects of a business. Free cash flow, derivatives, and international finance are only a few topics this specialization covers. Students gain an in-depth understanding of financial analysis and management for the proper allocation of resources to drive business growth. 

Blockchain Specialization

Blockchain technology records transactions using a decentralized, secure, and transparent network. This specialization teaches students how to use blockchain technology for various business applications, such as supply chain management, digital identity verification, and smart contracts.

With the increasing adoption of blockchain in multiple industries, this specialization prepares students for future job opportunities.

Capstone Project

Business plan capstone projects require students to apply all the knowledge and skills learned throughout their degree program. Strategy report capstone projects allow students to analyze real-world business problems and develop effective strategies to address them.

These projects provide hands-on experience, enabling students to showcase their abilities to potential employers.

Enroll in Executive Online MBA Class Today

Pursuing an executive online MBA allows students to balance their personal and professional commitments while gaining valuable skills. This degree program provides flexibility and convenience without compromising the quality of education.

The program structure, courses offered, and capstone projects prepare students to excel in their careers. Join the growing community of successful business leaders who have completed an online Master in Business Administration program and continue to make a significant impact in their organizations.

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