What Services Are Included With Bail Bondsman?

When you break the law, you will face legal consequences. After being arrested and put in jail, you can post bail to be released from jail. A bail bondsman can help you to navigate through some of the legal procedures. Here are some of the services offered by these professionals: 

Professional Advice

Most first-time offenders will be unfamiliar with the legal process of the court. A bailsman will come in handy to provide professional guidance in the process. They can help with equipping the defendant with relevant legal knowledge. This helps the client to make informed decisions. A bailsman can also explain how a bail agreement functions and the process of securing bail for the defendant.

Posting Bail

Bonds come into place when a defendant is given a temporary release as they wait for their trial. For this temporary release to happen, the court will set a certain amount of money that the defendant needs to pay. This amount acts as a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court during their trial date.

When the person in custody does not have the required money to pay for the bail, a bail bondsman can step in and pay the full amount for the release of the client. They will do this at a service fee that they charge as a percentage of the full amount. A bailsman will get refunded of their deposit in court when the client makes an appearance in court.

If the defendant fails to appear for trial, the court will forfeit the bond. This leads to the bail bond company not getting refunded. If that happens, the defendant or cosigner will owe the full bail amount to the bail bondsman.  

Inmate Search and Privacy

The bail bond company can help in locating your family members, friends, or loved ones in jail systems. They will have a list of jails in the state or county. If you know which area the crime happened, the bail bondsman might be able to locate which jail your loved one is being held in. Bail bond companies understand how to keep information private and do not share information with anyone not involved.

Post Bail Accountability

Being arrested puts individuals in demanding situations, both emotionally and financially. A bail bondsman only offers financial support as long as the defendant follows all instructions from the court. These instructions include the defendant adhering to all court dates, refraining from illegal activities, and staying within a certain location. Holding the jailed person financially accountable helps avoid the consequences of not meeting the required conditions. Consequences may be a second arrest warrant or even losing the bond to the court.

Choose the Best Bail Bondsman

The legal process can be daunting to many, especially to those who may lack the necessary knowledge on how to go about it. Choosing a qualified bail bonds company can come in handy to help avoid making unnecessary mistakes and to make the legal process smooth. Consult with your bail bondsman if you have a problem in raising the required bail amount and for guidance through the legal process.

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