Role of ZebPay in Shaping India’s Crypto Landscape in 2024


ZebPay India’s oldest crypto exchange has been serving crypto enthusiasts before its popularity rose among the masses. Its inception goes back to 2014 and in a decade of its journey, ZebPay has optimized itself for Indian users.

ZebPay’s journey and relevance

Since 2019, crypto has seen a rapid growth in popularity among Indian users. People see it as an attractive asset to invest in. With time, various exchanges have come up. ZebPay distinguished itself from others as being the oldest continuing Indian crypto exchange when many others vanished away from the market.

Crypto is yet to be fully regulated in India. Being a decentralized global asset, crypto is tough to take control over. It is a volatile asset with the capacity to provide returns but also comes with risks just like any other investing instrument. Moreover, there are bull runs and bear runs in the market. The trade volume falls drastically during the bear runs. ZebPay has survived and thrived during various such bear runs. ZebPay always gives regulations and compliance the utmost priority.

What Makes ZebPay the go to Exchange in India

ZebPay is easy to invest through and has all the major tokens listed. It is optimized for Indian users and provides seamless withdrawals and deposits through one’s bank account. ZebPay is well known for managing the crypto portfolios of HNIs, that is high-networth individuals.

The experience and strategies honed in a decade have also led ZebPay to introduce a feature called “CryptoPacks”. CryptoPacks are bundles of curated tokens. Crypto is evolving rapidly. It is no longer just a transactional asset but also has a plethora of real-world applications. Tokens are used in smart contracts, games, NFTs, governance, and many more. It can become complicated to keep track of all the developments.

Apart from this, one can easily buy and sell crypto through the “exchange” and “quick trade” options. You can always track your investment portfolio in INR value through the “portfolio” option.

As the bull run in crypto is here, people are using ZebPay to invest in crypto in 2024. Being India’s first and longest-lasting crypto trading platform, ZebPay is again shaping India’s crypto landscape in 2024.

Trade ETH to INR with ZebPay, India’s oldest and most trusted crypto exchange.

Disclaimer: Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Each investor must do his/her research or seek independent advice if necessary before initiating any transactions in crypto products and NFTs. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author, and not to ZebPay the author’s employer or other groups or individuals. ZebPay disclaims all liability for any actions or inactions on the part of the investors, including losses. For the aforementioned article, ZebPay has not been paid in kind or cash, and it is offered “as is,” with no warranty regarding its timeliness, accuracy, completeness, or the outcomes of using it.

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