Interesting Tricks to Enjoy Vaping Experience

If you’re new to vaping or looking to learn some exciting tricks, we’ve got you covered! We’ll guide you through some of the easiest and most impressive vape tricks that will amaze everyone around you. Vaping offers a world of possibilities beyond smoking. While cigarette smoke is often thin and unremarkable, vape clouds are large and intense, making it possible to perform cool tricks effortlessly. Do explore to buy an amazing range of flavors in vape and try these tricks.


Also known as Mushroom Cloud or Snap Inhale, ‘The Ghost’ is a simple yet impressive trick:

  • Inhale a generous amount of vapor.
  • Allow it to linger in your mouth without inhaling.
  • Exhale the vapor rapidly and then quickly inhale it back in.


‘The Dragon’ is a dramatic and visually striking trick that’s perfect for beginners:

  • Inhale vapor from your vape kit or tank.
  • Simultaneously exhale vapor from your nose and the corners of your mouth.
  • It may take a few attempts to get the timing right, but it’s relatively easy and looks impressive.


‘The Waterfall’ is a simple yet mesmerizing trick that mimics the flow of water:

  • Use a water bottle with a small amount of frozen water at the bottom.
  • Take a puff of your vape.
  • Exhale the vapor into the water bottle.
  • Pour out the bottle to create an impressive visual effect.


‘’Tornado’ is a fun party trick that turns your vape clouds into a tornado-like swirl:

  • Take a puff of your vape.
  • Exhale the vapor onto a flat, solid surface.
  • Use a chopping motion with your hands on the surface.
  • Lift your wrist and raise your arm quickly to create the tornado effect.


‘O Rings’ is a classic and impressive vaping trick, perfect for beginners:

  • Inhale a large puff of your vape.
  • Hold the vapor in your throat.
  • Position your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and push it to the back of your throat.
  • Shape your mouth into an ‘O.’
  • Pulse your throat rhythmically to form ‘O’ rings.


Once you’ve mastered ‘O’ rings, take it up a notch with floating triangles in the air:

  • Create an ‘O’ ring as instructed.
  • Exhale a ring and quickly move your arm to push the ring down three times, forming a floating triangle.


‘The Bane’ is a cool trick that resembles the mask of the Dark Knight’s villain, Bane:

  • Take a drag of your vape and keep the vapor at the bottom of your mouth.
  • Touch your lower teeth to your upper lips by pushing out your jaw.
  • Push the vapor through your teeth and mouth.
  • Inhale the vapor leaving your mouth through your nose.


‘The French Inhale’ is a classic trick with a vape twist:

  • Inhale a substantial amount of vapor and hold it in your mouth.
  • Trap the vapor by pushing your tongue to the back of your mouth.
  • Slightly open your mouth, allowing the vapor to slowly escape.
  • Push your lower lip out, guiding the vapor up into your nose, creating a reverse waterfall effect.

These tricks may require some practice to perfect, but they’re sure to impress your friends and add an element of fun to your vaping experience. Enjoy your newfound vaping skills!

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